In this section you will find a selection of Drums which have been coloured or Emblazoned to our customers own specifications.


Premier ‘Military Series’ Snare & Bass Drums (6 x Snares & 1 x Bass), Emblazoned for the ‘Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force’. 
The Drums were also supplied with matching sized Hard Cases.


Andante ‘Pro Series’ Tenor & Bass Drums made in a Custom ‘Red fading to Black’ finish with Black Metal Fittings, for Bideford Youth Pipe Band.  

The Drums were also supplied with matching sized Hard Cases.

Bideford Youth Pipe Band Drums 4

Hand Emblazoned Drums, painted for ‘The Maidstone Salvation Army Band’

Maidstone Salvation Army Band Drums 1 Maidstone Salvation Army Band Drums 5

The ‘Corps of Drums’ of the ‘Romford Drum & Trumpet Corps’ playing their new Andante Advance Series Double Snare, Black, Emblazoned Drums.


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